Greencook: Becoming a Vegan After Fifty!

30 Sep

I started a vegan diet nine days ago: No meat (fish and poultry), dairy, oils, fats, sugar, or processed foods. After thinking about going green on my daily intake, I suddenly saw this movie, Forks Before Knives, and it stunned me. Once I also read the book, I knew my life would never be the same. So far, I am doing OK. My wife, who refuses to join the diet, convinced me to eat meat twice a week for vitamin B-12.  So I had some rotisserie chicken yesterday, but it made me nauseous. Otherwise the diet is going surprisingly well. I went out to Cosco and bought a small food processor, and a powerful blender; and I am in the market for a mid-priced juicer. However, as my wife painfully observed, I may be meat, starch and sugar gourmet cook, but I never learned to cook vegetables. She’s right!  I grew up in New England in an Irish-American household: beef, potatoes and frozen veggies! However, I have learned to make some new dishes, which I will share with you on this blog. And aside from the new foods I am experiencing, I want to share some of the initial benefits of my new diet, even after a few days:

1. I no longer have an upset (acidic) stomach

2. I have more energy (ask my wife!)

3. I am less irritable in traffic

4. I sleep much sounder, and wake up more refreshed

5. My bathroom visits are always smooth and pleasant, for a change

6. I am losing weight for the first time in years

7. When I exercise, I my heart and lungs feel stronger,  and I don’t run out of energy so fast!

8. I am saving money on  groceries (quality meat and dairy are expensive)

9. I don’t have to deal with bloody meat, or clean up greasy dishes anymore

10. My skin looks better and the dark spots under my eyes are fading.

11. I can actually taste the fruits and veggies now that they are not being masked by meat, grease, oil and sugar.

12. My teen daughter is eating healthier and has taken an interest in my new diet! I even think she has a grudgeing respect for my new lifestyle!